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Palm Beach Rules, Competitors and Indemnity Forms

UPDATE: Friday 10 Feb

Morning Gents,

Reports of very large Surf this morning. It is expected to drop a bit but the swell is still coming from the east so the waves will hold some decent power.

We will assess the conditions in the morning. If the surf is too large for the guys to safely launch we will move the launch site to Currumbin Creek. If it is still too large - we will have our BBQ, speak a bit of shit and do a few lucky draw prizes - we will then hold a best catch comp over the next month for those who have entered.

The Palm Beach Blitz is set for 11 Feb 2017. Please read the rules and check that you are listed below as a competitor.

Jamie Downey

John Gallo

Gary Mathias

Dean Giddings

Mike Robertson

Joel Simion

Rob Simion

Andrew Munro

Paul Pallet

Justin Mitchell

Matt Fisher

John Poulsen

Frank Lutton

Nick Dean

Scott Davis

Andrew Bodley

Warren Norup

Danny Bridgeland

Clive Mathias

Dave Cross 

Greg Warren

Edmond NG

Boris Laffineur

Ray Lilis Crep

Chris Storey

David Lewis

Jarrad Rodgers

Rodney Pacitti

Nico Van Deventer

Mike Brock

David Terblanche

Ant Wright

Rylin Richardson

Wade Chalker

Vaughan Poynter